Voting has begun on Epic Sandwich for Sprint’s Epic Movie contest!

We recently made this EPIC Mini Movie, “EPIC SANDWICH”, check it out.  It’s a 30-second short for the Sprint EPIC Contest being judged by Michael Bay.

Now we just need your help in making it to the top 10. If you like the film, please VOTE for it ONCE EVERY DAY until November 15th!  It’s easy, just click the link above, then click the ‘Vote’ button to the left of the film once the page loads.

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Epic Gunshot Win: Ridiculous Assassination

Description: A short action scene originally made for the Sprint Epic Movie commercial contest 2010 (and rejected for unspecified reasons). This over-the-top kill is a walk in the park for this unquestionably precise, clever and creative mafia hitman known only as Rend. After cleaning his Colt .45 1911 he delivers death, not from above, but from the depths below.

Gear: Canon 5D2, SV Tungsten light, small 3200k ikea lamps for highlights. LED flashlights for lense flares and accents. Sound recorded with a Sennheiser me66 shotgun mic and Zoom H4n combo. Lens was an Iscorama 36 anamorphic + a cheap Digital Concepts diopter 4-piece set from ebay.

Harry Potter and Gandalf meet the Power Rangers Trailer

As Halloween draws near The Rangers learn to summon their Thunderzords by conjuring spells from the power of lighting. None better to guide them than Gandalf himself, with a little help from his latest understudy, Harry Potter. Check out the trailer:

SpeedRacerFiber Lends his voice once again as The Red Ranger with a cameo by Solid Snake and I did the voice for Gandalf this time around. The set is a Disney Castle Bedroom which felt quite strange standing in line with at Walmart especially not having any little kids with me to blame it on. Lighting are a mix of 600w SV Tungsten light and cheap $15 3200k Ikea lamps, perfect for shooting miniatures. Iscorama Anamorphic lens with a 50mm rear. Tracking shots were done with a Kessler Pocket Dolly v1 and Fog Machine is $40 from Spencer Gifts.

Metal Gear Delight, Stop Motion Short. Why Sunny D?

Regain becomes Sunny Delight

So some people might be wondering… WTF? Why make a random Sunny D ad with Metal Gear? What are we spoofing? Take a look below.


If you’ve ever played MGS4 and gotten the solar gun and are familiar with the in-game energy drink tie-in commercial for REGAIN you’d understand how and why this video came about. It’s a natural mix.


REGAIN The youthful Snake

Of course we couldn’t have a Sunny Delight parody without mentioning the purple stuff

Grape Drank

It’s Always a Good Idea to Carry a Big Axe

I was sitting in the passenger seat of my friend’s car one night holding his new axe and got to thinking; It’s always a good idea to carry a big fucking axe. I mean, you never know when you might need one. They can be very handy.

What if you’re stranded somewhere and need to cut some firewood? Are you just going to freeze to death? You will if you don’t have a big fucking axe.

What if you’re out in the woods driving and there is a cactus that some old man with a growth on his chest and really thin arms put in the ground because he always wanted a cactus but doesn’t live in the desert so he had to settle for a stick with nails it in instead, you run over the stick with nails and your tire goes flat? You go to get your spare tire and realized you are already using your spare since you forgot to get your real tire fixed. You go to the old man’s house only to find out that the old man has been dead for two days and it smells really bad so you can’t stay inside. Holy Shit! Now what are you going to do? It’s late at night and your tire is flat. You’d better get some firewood. Are you going to be alright? Hell no. Why? Because you didn’t bring your big fucking axe, dumbshit!

What about the vampires? What are you going to do about them? What if one of those assholes tries to come and suck your blood? Are you going to take that shit? Not if you have an axe! Plus, if your handle is made of wood and you sharpen the other end it will make a mean vampire-shit-ruining stake. Dracula Sucks!

Goddammit, I almost forgot! What about the rapists?

What if Tetris Poodle comes and tries to rape your ass and you don’t have a fucking axe? Just make sure you aim before you swing because if you miss, you’ll have to deal with the consequences, but shit, It’s better to have a chance rather then not, right?

What if an army of ball-stomping zombies comes and tries to do what they do best? What if that old dead man with the growth on his chest and thin arms comes back to life as a zombie because you read a passage from The Book of the Dead that happen to be sitting in his house and he tries to stomp on your balls! What are you going to just let it happen? Hell no! Not if you’ve got a fucking axe!

Never mind the host of other problems that can be solved with an axe like demons, mutant leaches, werewolves and alien invasions, I mean, it should be as natural to carry an axe as it is to wear pants! You have to! Never leave home without your big fucking axe.

© Akira Wing 2004 originally written and posted on …