Yamaha CS-80 “Blade Runner Brass” sound on a few synths

One of the most iconic synth sounds on a ton of different synths. Can any of them match up to a Yamaha CS80?

Dry intro followed by same version with effects on each synth except for the Toy Yamaha PSS-470

Roland Super JX10
Unison 2 Upper and Lower
Whole Mode

Moog Memorymoog
3 VCOs Stacked


Juno 6 (Tubbutec Juno 66) 3 Voice stacked dual DCO mode

JX3P Kiwitechnics Kiwi3P

Chroma Polaris

Kiwitechnics Kiwisix
Tubbutec Polysex (Poly voice detuning)

Korg Trident
3 VCOS stacked

Yamaha Pss-470
Wet only, added Alesis Midiverb 1 to signal chain
Ensoniq SQ-80
3 OSC Stacked

Roland Alpha Juno 2

Roland JX8P Rev 1
Unison 2

Korg EX8000
no internal delay

Kawai K3m
No internal effects
Clipping is happening internally even with the VCA turned down.

Waldorf Microwave 1
OS 2.0 Rev B

Yamaha SK-30
Solo Synth Section + Polysynth Section

Korg Wavestation SR
What a horrible tedious pain to edit.

Super JD-990 with Vintage Expansion

Vangelis Yamaha CS-80 Blade Runner with the Korg Trident Mk1

Korg Trident Mk1
Synthesizer settings
Brass Settings
First half is completely dry, second half is Trident to Fabfilter Valhalla Vintage Verb.

First RAW Blackmagic Cinema Camera Footage

With the release of the first RAW footage of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera we can start to take a good look at footage that the camera will record natively. At first glance it looks like an Alexa with a 2.3 crop sensor. If you look closer, you will see it only has one flaw: A tiny bit of aliasing and moire. This is not as bad of a problem as it is on other cameras since we can fix this mostly in realtime with debayering settings and chroma blur.

Here’s an example:

Certainly for me the moire is a non issue, and since were dealing with raw footage, there will surely be better fixes to come along. All in all the RAW footage released yesterday shows that the BMC camera is unmatched by most cameras under 15k and provides and image quality that can be graded and changed with as much flexibility as a Red camera.

New cheaper electronic m4/3 to EOS adapter coming soon

Kipon released an image of this today:


This should be a cheaper alternative to run native EOS lenses on m4/3 cameras from Panasonic and Olympus without resorting to the adapters with the built in iris. While no pricing information has been released, other adapters from Kipon have been very competitive in comparison to other brands. Also you can count on numerous other manufactures in China replicating this adapter if its successful. …

The New PlayStation (CECH-4000) Super Slim?

The FCC whitepaper was released last week that showed a “vague” description of the new Playstation model. The model in the video is extruded out from that 2D render and made to be a combination of the PS2 Slim and the older PS3 model. We wont know for sure how the model will look until its released this fall, probably sometime around when the Wii-U launches.

What to expect form this model?
– Lower power consumption due to a die shrink
– New web technologies designed for the next generation of smart tvs…