GH2 Hack – 720p upgraded to 28mb with B-frames

Thanks to mpgsvcd in this thread: We now have a greatly improved 720p mode for the GH2, and the first useful bitrate hack for the camera. Play the video below in “Original” quality on youtube to take a look at how the windmill motion is captured. For the most part, this will remove the macro blocking that was evident in this mode due to the low bitrate before the hack.




Here is a capture of the actual datastream of the windmill shot.

More Anamorphic Super Slowmotion

Twixtor retiming testing the limits of the lowly 17mb 720p codec of the gh2 and the LA7200.

There are some shots in this near 50mm in EX mode with the LA7200 combined with the 14-140.

Guess the camera!

One camera is a Hacked GH1 at 100mb, the other is a GH2. One camera is cropped to 2:35.1, the other actually has the anamorphic lens. They are mixed almost exactly 50/50

Cry Macho – The new Arnie film

Below is the real info – from IGN
Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to return to the big-screen, but not in a fifth Terminator flick as recently rumoured, but rather in an adaptation of the 1975 novel Cry Macho.

According to Deadline, the film will feature Arnold as “a horse breeder who won the Kentucky Derby but whose wife and child get killed. He sinks into an alcoholic depression and winds up working for a hedge fund jerk who offers him a choice of getting fired or bringing back the rich guy’s son living with the ex-wife in Mexico.”

There’s no indication as to whether it’s a comedy, drama or action flick, but the story claims that the film will feature a road trip element as well as several plot twists.

Deadline reports that Arnie will pocket $12.5m plus 25% of the first dollar gross, with the financiers taking the project to the Cannes Film Festival next week in the hopes of closing the deal.…