Toy Chest Episode 2: Power Rangers Dragonzord Banned Toy Commercial

Power Rangers Toy Theater

Creative Info: The second episode of our Power Rangers toy spoofs. Imagine the Green Ranger as a sailor mouthed jerky asshole who hates being told he’s wrong. The Dragonzord toy was always special to my heart. You know it’s almost everyone’s favorite zord and it’s no wonder this ended up being the most popular video in the series. It’s on its way to 1 million views with its current rate of acceleration and you’re all helping to get it there. Nothing says “we want more power rangers” than increasing the view count to this instant classic video. What do you think?

Technical Info: I shot this while experimenting with my vintage Iscorama 36 anamorphic lens, which is what causes the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, organic lens flares and unique oval bokeh.

Episode 2

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