Toy Chest Episode 4: Metal Gear Solid vs Power Rangers: Dinozord’s Demise

Red Ranger in Dragon Shield

Creative Info: To further development on the series, I began taking the series out of the “fake commercial” box I set initially and turned it into episodic content. For that, I thought it only natural to bring in other big names to the series. I felt the most opposite crossover for them was Snake from MGS. His tactical stealthiness would clash quite nicely compared to the loud, flashy combat of the Rangers. Plus, him seeing the ridiculous zord transformations for the first time would be fucking hilarious. I also had the chance to discover the talent of SpeedRacerFiber who is another YouTuber and voice actor that happens to have one of the most hilarious Snake impressions ever.


Braggarts Corner: I posted on GameTrailers as well and it was an instant smash with the community, going so far as to be chosen as Featured Movie of the Week.

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