132mb GOP3 Hacked GH2 stable

Test the setting, click to download

I’ve been testing multiple GH2 settings for weeks, and I’ve wanted to reach the highest stable bitrate. I think 132mb GOP 3 is going to be fairly close to that for the time being. I’m no AVC expert, certainly someone who is will come up with the penultimate hacked GH2 settings in the next few months, like lpowell did with the GH13.

To get started with these settings, you’re first going to need one of these cards

Be certain to get one of the Extreme Pro cards, anything less will crash. The only other option is a Kingston Extreme XX card. In terms of sequential writes, both cards are very similar in writing performance, however the Kingston cards are more expensive and have faster reading speeds.

Hacked Panasonic GH2 vs Hacked GH1 @ 1080p and 720p





Here is my first preliminary test comparing the hacked GH2 vs the GH1. The GH2 was using the following settings

Ptool 3.61D
720p SH mode
48mb high
35mb low
GOP 15

This is not a recommended setting, but has been working just fine for me producing 720p footage with average bitrates over 40mb a second with out causing any errors on PNY cards.

1080p mode
44mb high
35mb low


Just a slightly higher bitrate than Vitality’s recommended settings. Again, Vitality is stressing not to mess with the GOP right now, as I did with 720p, so do so at your own risk.

The GH1 was using lpowell’s 75mb high reliability patch

Both cameras used the same lens, same f-stop WB kelvin and shutter settings. The GH1 was used at 100iso and the GH2 at 160iso accounting for the difference in ISO ratings between the cameras.

GH2 vs Canon 7D vs Hacked GH1

Here are some of the latest comparison videos we’ve done with the new Panasonic GH2

LA7200 anamorphic lens tutorial series #1

Here is the first video in a new series of tutorials for the Panasonic LA7200G anamorphic adapter. We’ll be diving into its flaws at multiple focal lengths and apertures.

This first video focuses on the 14-140 lens and using the adapter wide open from 17mm to 70mm

Canon 7D, 60D and t2i Video Zoom recommendation list

Going back to October 2009, I released a recommended zoom list for the Canon 7D. Here is the 2010 Update for all of the Canon crop cameras

Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX
Why: Still the best wide-angle constant aperture zoom lens
Why not: Hard to find in EOS Mount

Tamron 17-50 VC f/2.8 XR Di-II VC LD Aspherical (IF)
Why: Great Price with rebate right now, not limited by EF-S mount for future camera use (reason why Canon 17-55 is not recommended, though it is a better lens)
Why not: Varying build quality from lens to lens
Alternate: Purchase without VC to save a few dollars


Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 II EX DC HSM Lens
Sigma 50-150
Why: Lens is just as sharp as 70-200 for video, great price for a 2.8 constant aperture telephoto zoom lens
Why not: No Image stabilization

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
Why: Classic lens that has been superseded by the newest version of the 70-200. IS works very well. EOS mount means that you wont be limited by camera body choice in the future
Why not: Expensive for just video purposes

Maybe we will have a few more choices next year, but for this year, the picks remain the same. When the next next 5D has a crop mode, you will be thanking me that you didn’t purchase any Canon native EF-S lenses, as the lenses above will all work perfectly on a cropped full frame sensor. …