4K Anamorphic with the Hacked GH2

Technically this isn’t 4k. It’s not even 2k, but it is the best way to upload your footage to youtube or Vimeo for the absolute best quality and for future-proofing your work. Here was the first test of “4K”

So what is going on here, and why should I do this? First, I created a 4000×1800 project in Sony Vegas 11. I interpolated the anamorphic footage shot to the correct aspect ratio, and “graded” the footage in Magic Bullet looks – Let me show you some examples of the benefits.

Taken sample from this video (which was done at 2k)

Now, if you control the master that you upload, every downsample will be from that file, but if you upload at 1080p or below, your future footage can only be upsampled from that lower quality master and who knows what method will be used to upsample when the age of 4k or 8k hits us in the upcoming decade. Also if you upload at 1080p with anamorphic footage, its quite posible that you will actually lose vertical resolution if your footage is encoded with bars. 4k or even 2400×1080 will make sure that your footage wont be downgraded before it goes through your favorite host’s compression.