LA7200 anamorphic lens tutorial series #1

Here is the first video in a new series of tutorials for the Panasonic LA7200G anamorphic adapter. We’ll be diving into its flaws at multiple focal lengths and apertures.

This first video focuses on the 14-140 lens and using the adapter wide open from 17mm to 70mm

GH1 at 2400×1080 – LA7200 at Sacramento Capital

Thanks to the youtube “Original” quality mode, you can now enjoy anamorphic videos like the one below in super high resolution, higher than any other online streaming site. While the quality is not as good as looking at the raw files, it certainly makes for a whole new online viewing experience.

This video was shot during the testing of our LA7200 adapter in preparation for a new anamorphic lens tutorial series.

Cannon to the face

What do you get when you shoot a golf ball over 400MPH? Pure Win is the only correct answer.

We wanted to try something new, something that has never been done before in the history of the internets. We made an interactive Cannon video, allowing you to shoot the heads off 3 famous youtubers. Well, one is only slightly famous, but since he decided to drop his sub box sharing, and not let us know, Onision joined the ranks of the headless horde.

This video was shot with the hacked GH1 at 24fps and 60fps and a Canon 7D at 1080p 24fps. Unsurprisingly, most people enjoy shooting Fred the most. Whatever stops that high-pitched whine right?

Voting has begun on Epic Sandwich for Sprint’s Epic Movie contest!

We recently made this EPIC Mini Movie, “EPIC SANDWICH”, check it out.¬† It’s a 30-second short for the Sprint EPIC Contest being judged by Michael Bay.

Now we just need your help in making it to the top 10. If you like the film, please VOTE for it ONCE EVERY DAY until November 15th!¬† It’s easy, just click the link above, then click the ‘Vote’ button to the left of the film once the page loads.

Please feel free to forward this to friends, family, co-workers, and every other EPIC person you know.  Facebook us, twitter us and help spread the EPIC word!

Thanks for your support!


Epic Gunshot Win: Ridiculous Assassination

Description: A short action scene originally made for the Sprint Epic Movie commercial contest 2010 (and rejected for unspecified reasons). This over-the-top kill is a walk in the park for this unquestionably precise, clever and creative mafia hitman known only as Rend. After cleaning his Colt .45 1911 he delivers death, not from above, but from the depths below.

Gear: Canon 5D2, SV Tungsten light, small 3200k ikea lamps for highlights. LED flashlights for lense flares and accents. Sound recorded with a Sennheiser me66 shotgun mic and Zoom H4n combo. Lens was an Iscorama 36 anamorphic + a cheap Digital Concepts diopter 4-piece set from ebay.