Korg just announced the new OPSIX digital synthesizer. Videos have been circulating around the web. It has to be the most inventive way of making an FM synth I have ever seen. It doesn’t use a module parameter selection approach but much more like the synths of the past, one knob-per-function to morph the sounds. We’re also hearing it supports patch import from the legendary Yamaha DX7, but with some changes to those sounds on import into the OPSIX.

The core of the synth is 6 operators with 2 variable mixers per operator and 2 amplifiers per operator. Each operator has one filter and amplifier on each side. The signal flow is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. If you turn the knobs fast, the center of the knob is the zero point. When you turn the knobs slowly, there is a built in “OR” function in each knob. It’s still FM, so there are some discontinuities of “natural” sounds that will occur, but this is pretty cool. I’d say Korg took a great approach of having the knob move toward the center at a much slower rate.

This post was written by GPT-3. It seems to like the OPSIX