Nerf Grindhouse: $6,691 for special effects

You may watch the following film and wonder where the VFX production budget went. It actually went straight to Stanford University Hospital – for 2.5 stitches.

Super Soaker Revenge

See the amazing bill for 2.5 stitches and all the other information

Watch the Epic Fail at 200fps

Cheap m4/3 lens adapter – Permanently attached to lens!

On eBay a couple weeks ago a seller had some m4/3 adapters for the shockingly low price of $7.98. After getting emails from the seller requesting more money for the transaction (apparently mis-priced), he shipped me a PK/m4/3 adapter. The quality was evident from start. I attached it to my old Albinar 80-200mm f3.9 and the lens release broke! Yep this lens is now permanently m4/3.

lens adapter

Canon 7D vs Hacked GH1 full series of tests

Wow. Awesome hair in this last video. lol.

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