Great Deal on Audio Recorder

Tascam DR100 Closeout for $229

Cheap DSLR Audio – The Azden WLX-PRO

Opening the box for this thing was like swirling in a Hot Tub Time Machine. I was directly taken back to Radio Shack of the 1990’s. Plastic, large sliding buttons and a FM antenna.

So why bother with this $130 wireless system? Most people know they need a Sennheiser EW100 as at least a baseline wireless system. But now in 2011, many people are buying DSLR cameras for video and spending less than $300 for excellent video cameras that have terrrible audio. Most first inclinations are to add a completely useless shotgun to the top of the camera.
Even if this system isn’t the greatest, it’s still 100x more useful than tiny shotgun 7 feet away from your talent.

So how does it fare? For the price, it is certainly usable for web work. The line output is fairly low, but most of these DSLRs have AGC so it’s probably not going to matter. It captures a very compressed and bass-y version of the human voice, but for no budget run and gun style web videos I could see it being perfectly adequate. No, its not going to work over long distances. No, its not going to work with any other interference in the area, but it is going to work better than the built in mic on your dslr and it will work better than a silly shotgun sitting on top of the camera.

Hacked GH1 at 100mb vs Panasonic GH2

In this video we have an absolute direct comparison to the latest lpowell patch for the GH1 vs the Gh2 at 1080p 24.

Quick notes: GH2 still has the upper hand in color reproduction and absolute resolution, but this is as close as a hacked GH1 can get to a GH2.

More info on the new patch here:

Epic Gunshot Win: Ridiculous Assassination

Description: A short action scene originally made for the Sprint Epic Movie commercial contest 2010 (and rejected for unspecified reasons). This over-the-top kill is a walk in the park for this unquestionably precise, clever and creative mafia hitman known only as Rend. After cleaning his Colt .45 1911 he delivers death, not from above, but from the depths below.

Gear: Canon 5D2, SV Tungsten light, small 3200k ikea lamps for highlights. LED flashlights for lense flares and accents. Sound recorded with a Sennheiser me66 shotgun mic and Zoom H4n combo. Lens was an Iscorama 36 anamorphic + a cheap Digital Concepts diopter 4-piece set from ebay.

Harry Potter and Gandalf meet the Power Rangers Trailer

As Halloween draws near The Rangers learn to summon their Thunderzords by conjuring spells from the power of lighting. None better to guide them than Gandalf himself, with a little help from his latest understudy, Harry Potter. Check out the trailer:

SpeedRacerFiber Lends his voice once again as The Red Ranger with a cameo by Solid Snake and I did the voice for Gandalf this time around. The set is a Disney Castle Bedroom which felt quite strange standing in line with at Walmart especially not having any little kids with me to blame it on. Lighting are a mix of 600w SV Tungsten light and cheap $15 3200k Ikea lamps, perfect for shooting miniatures. Iscorama Anamorphic lens with a 50mm rear. Tracking shots were done with a Kessler Pocket Dolly v1 and Fog Machine is $40 from Spencer Gifts.