Harry Potter and Gandalf meet the Power Rangers Trailer

As Halloween draws near The Rangers learn to summon their Thunderzords by conjuring spells from the power of lighting. None better to guide them than Gandalf himself, with a little help from his latest understudy, Harry Potter. Check out the trailer:

SpeedRacerFiber Lends his voice once again as The Red Ranger with a cameo by Solid Snake and I did the voice for Gandalf this time around. The set is a Disney Castle Bedroom which felt quite strange standing in line with at Walmart especially not having any little kids with me to blame it on. Lighting are a mix of 600w SV Tungsten light and cheap $15 3200k Ikea lamps, perfect for shooting miniatures. Iscorama Anamorphic lens with a 50mm rear. Tracking shots were done with a Kessler Pocket Dolly v1 and Fog Machine is $40 from Spencer Gifts.

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