Nikon D4 – Capable of 2,464 × 1,384 at 24fps?

The new Nikon D4 has a 2.5 Megapixel burst mode at 24fps. The question now is, what is the
“Max Continuous Burst” on this camera. Most Nikons seem to be limited to 100. But if this were increased 100 fold, you could have bursts of individual still frames lasting for several minutes at a quality that would completely obliterate any other competing video modes. IF you’ve tested this mode and know its limits, let someone know. With all the sites getting these cameras for testing, no one has tried out this mode yet.

Official Capabilities from D4 Brochure:
• FX-format photographs taken in movie live view (16:9): 4,928 × 2,768 (L), 3,696 × 2,072
(M), 2,464 × 1,384 (S)
• DX-format photographs taken in movie live view (16:9): 3,200 × 1,792 (L), 2,400 × 1,344
(M), 1,600 × 896 (S)

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