Resolving Power of the Hacked GH1 – Buy one now

With the influx of new cameras coming out, many people are in a rush to sell off their hacked and un-hacked GH1 cameras.

Every time a new gadget, gizmo or toy comes along, it’s natural to assume that the second generation is better than the first. This has left quite a few GH1 cameras on ebay for less than $900. Now is the time to buy. Outside of the ugly FPN, crashing in 24p, and the lack of live preview – the hacked GH1 is still the best resolving video capable still camera to date. Go ahead, click and download the PNG file attached to this post. Any Canon DSLR would be full of Moire, a new Nikon DSLR would be the same story. How about the GH2? Well it would look the same, possibly sharper, until it was put into motion. The only fix is a codec hack.

Where’s the hack? Well if you put faith in this amazing website then you have no reason to fear, the GH2 is already hacked and the GH1 can be left for eBay fodder.

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